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Pi 拍錢包 for PC Windows 10/8/7

Pi 拍錢包 for PC Windows 10/8/7

Developed By: Pi Mobile Technology Inc.

License: FREE

Rating: 3.9/5 - 5,694 votes

Last Updated: January 6, 2021

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App Details

Version 3.17.1
Size 29M
Category Finance Apps

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Compatible with Windows 7/8/10 Pc & Laptop

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Pi 拍錢包 PC is one of the best App in Finance with good reach to the users. But it is currently available only for the Android Platform. If you ever wanted to try the Pi 拍錢包 App on your PC or Laptop, you are in the correct place. In this detailed blog post, we will provide you a simple trick with a step by step points for you to Download and Install Pi 拍錢包 for PC Windows 10/8/7.

Why limit your hands to a tiny screen when you can play or run Apps like Pi 拍錢包 on your laptop screen! But is this App available for the PC platform? Even though the answer is NO, you could still Download Pi 拍錢包 for PC using Android emulators. These emulators create a virtual Android environment on your PC, and thereby you can run Pi 拍錢包 on PC seamlessly.

Pi 拍錢包 is currently tagged under Editor’s Choice in Google playstore because of it’s stunning 100,000+ installations and 3.9-star aggregating user rating. Now let’s just quickly run through the technical specifications of the Pi 拍錢包 App for PC and then we will see a step-wise guide to install it on your laptop.

Pi 拍錢包 for PC – Specifications:

TitlePi 拍錢包
RequirementsPC Windows/Mac Laptop, Bluestacks
DeveloperPi Mobile Technology Inc..
App Rating3.9 / 5.0

The Pi 拍錢包 application comes with a great set of features to fulfill Finance category requirements. It has a full pack of unique features that help 3.9 to stand out of all other Apps in this category. So get Pi 拍錢包 for PC to get enjoy the features on full screen and without bothering about the charging and internet connection.

Pi 拍錢包 is available for free to download on your Android smartphone. Here is the playstore link if you haven’t installed it yet on your smartphone : Download Pi 拍錢包 for PC

Here are two simple ways to Download Pi 拍錢包 for Windows 10/8/7 PC. So without much ado, let’s jump into the detailed guide.

Pi 拍錢包 Download for PC [Windows 10/8/7 Laptop]-

The number of people using the smartphone is growing at rapid rates these days. Keeping this in mind, App developers and the business owners are focusing on the mobile-first approach. Many of the recently released popular apps like PUBG, Snapchat, Instagram, ToTok, etc doesn’t have dedicated desktop versions. You can’t use these apps on your laptop officially. But don’t worry, you can use any of the android applications available on Google playstore on your PC using Android emulators.

We are going to see How we can Download Pi 拍錢包 for PC using two of the best android emulators available on the internet for free – Bluestacks and MemuPlay.

1. Pi 拍錢包 for PC – Bluestacks Method:

Bluestacks reportedly, much faster than any of the Android smartphones available (6X times faster than Samsung Galaxy S9+). But it is a slightly heavy application. If you have a PC with more than 2 GB RAM and updated graphic drivers, Pi 拍錢包 for PC works smoothly without any lag. It is one of the coolest apps that allows you to run your favorite game or app on a laptop with a full screen.

  • Step 1: Download the Bluestacks installer application from the official website. Here is the detailed installation guideBluestacks Installation for PC
  • Step 2: Once it is finished downloading, run the installer.exe file. You need to complete the one-time setup initially. You can choose all the default settings.
  • Step 3: Initial boot may take some time depending upon internet connectivity. Once done, you should be able to see the Home screen of Bluestacks.
  • Step 4: Go to the search bar on the top right corner and search for “Pi 拍錢包” to download it on PC.
  • Step 5: It’ll be redirected to the Google Playstore screen. Verify the Pi 拍錢包 developed by Pi Mobile Technology Inc. and click on the Install button. Login with Google account if prompted.
  • Step 6: Allow a few minutes for the Pi 拍錢包 App to install. Once it is done, you can see the Pi 拍錢包 App icon on the Bluestacks screen.

You can just double click on the App icon and start using it right away. It is that simple. The whole installation process may take up to 10 minutes. But once you install the Bluestacks App player, you can run any of your favorite android App on PC. The latest version of Bluestacks (Bluestacks 4) comes with a lot of performance improvements and stunning UI.

Even if you have an APK file, Bluestacks gives you an option to directly Install APK file. This feature is very helpful if you have any MODded version of the App or the App is not available on Google Playstore.

2. Pi 拍錢包 for PC – MemuPlay Method:

MemuPlay is another best emulator with emerging features. It is built exclusively for Gamers. If you wanted to play high-end games, MemuPlay is the best choice for you. It provides extreme performance with superb gaming experience. We have just seen how we can download Pi 拍錢包 on PC. Similarly, The installation process is quite simple in any of the Android emulator with only minimal initial work-around.

  • Download the MemuPlay App from the official website – Click here
  • Find the downloaded file and Install it on your PC just like any other software installation in Windows system.
  • Complete the one-time setup and sign-in with your Google account because we need access to Playstore services.
  • Once done, On the home screen, find the Google playstore App and double click on it to open.
  • Search for the App name we want to install – “Pi 拍錢包” By Pi Mobile Technology Inc. and tap on the install button. Within a few seconds, the App will be on your PC to run for you on the emulator home screen.

With MemuPlay you can enjoy most of the exclusive titles available on Google playstore including Pi 拍錢包 on PC. You can play any game or use any App with full control and customizations.

Pi 拍錢包 PC – Conclusion:

Pi 拍錢包 Download for PC has got a good number of installations and ratings in the playstore. Download the same on your laptop as well with the simple tricks we’ve mentioned in this article. You can choose an emulator of your choice to install Pi 拍錢包 on PC. In fact, there are many well know alternatives in the market like KO player, NOX player, etc. that are available to download for free.

With this, I’m concluding this article on How to Download and Install Pi 拍錢包 for PC Windows 10/8/7 Laptop for free. If you have any difficulties downloading the App with emulators, let us know through email. We will help you out.

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|精采生活 強勢開拍|

2020/3/1起「玉山 Pi 拍錢包信用卡」,最新回饋方案,P幣最高5% 回饋,回饋無上限。

「有無外送」點餐功能與「拍享券」上線了!使用 Pi 拍錢包就能透過有無外送快速點餐,超過3000個合作商家均可外送;拍享券提供全臺超過50個品牌的電子票券,均可以P幣折抵消費,折抵無上限,讓您付款更方便、購物樂輕鬆。


2020/3/1起玉山 Pi 拍錢包信用卡,享最高5% P幣回饋!回饋無上限
國內一般消費,享2% P幣回饋
國外一般消費,享3% P幣回饋
綁定 Pi 拍錢包付款,享4% P幣回饋
指定通路綁定 Pi 拍錢包付款,享5% P幣回饋


Pi 拍錢包主要功能介紹:
● 拍享券
Pi 拍錢包提供包含食衣住行育樂總計超過50個連鎖通路品牌的電子票券,簡單選購或以P幣折抵即時兌換,精采生活 一拍即享。

● Pi 信用卡/拍兔Debit卡與P幣
玉山 Pi 信用卡/拍兔Debit卡刷卡回饋P幣,綁定 Pi 拍錢包付款加碼享更多回饋, 1 P幣可折抵 Pi 拍錢包 1元消費,折抵無上限。

● 停車繳費/ 交通
台北市、新北市、基隆市、桃園市、新竹市、新竹縣、苗栗市、台中市、彰化市、嘉義市、台南市、高雄市、花蓮縣、臺東縣(即將上線)及宜蘭縣路邊停車繳費單,隨時隨地都能用手機繳費。全臺嘟嘟房停車場和台灣大車隊及派車王合作計程車隊,也可使用 Pi 拍錢包手機付款!

● 生活繳費
用 Pi 拍錢包可繳多種生活費用,包含水費、電費、信用卡費、汽(機)車燃料費、四大電信帳單費、富邦產險保險費與健保費。

● 點餐功能
提供「Pi 拍錢包點餐」與「有無外送」服務!早上買早餐、下午訂飲料吃雞排,拿起手機直接點餐外帶,不想出門也可透過有無外送直接點餐,快速送達。

● 商店付款
皮爾卡登(Pierre Cardin)、ATT4Fun、美麗華、順發3C、喜樂時代影城、傑昇通信、全國電子、耐斯王子大飯店、黑橋牌食品、美的適、奇美博物館、鬍鬚張、台亞加油、小林眼鏡、一手私藏、松鼠集運、春芳號、仁愛眼鏡、85度C、台灣松本清、三創生活、頂好 Wellcome、 JASONS MARKET、統一時代百貨(台北店)、Global Mall環球購物中心、特力屋、HOLA特力和樂、主婦聯盟合作社、美廉社、心樸市集、三商大美超市、7-ELEVEN、全家便利商店、萊爾富與OK超商均可接受 Pi 拍錢包付款!合作商店快速增加中

● 線上購物付款
86小舖、夢谷小舖(戲谷)、PChome線上購物、PChome24h購物、PChome24h購物.書店、露天拍賣與PChome商店街/個人賣場指定商家均可使用 Pi 拍錢包APP付款囉!

● 網路交易

● 即時通訊

● 安心保障
採用符合支付卡產業資料安全標準(PCI DSS)的資安架構,綁定手機硬體裝置並搭配支付密碼,同時具備雙重控管,交易更安心!

Pi 拍錢包服務團隊,持續努力推出更多便捷付款功能。

Pi 拍錢包的 3.7.3 版本起,建議使用環境如下:

- 請使用android 6 以上的版本作業系統

- 適用於2017年以後出產的手機機種