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DMCA Disclaimer

  • We choose applications and games from Google Play and guide users to download and use them on PCs, Laptops, Macs.
  • We always comply with the DMCA and handle copyright issues as soon as we receive the request, usually within 8 hours.
  • We love our work and are always looking forward to the cooperation of the copyright management units of many applications such as FraudWatch International, PhisLabs Security Operations, CTM360 Cyber ​​...
  • There are many new applications that I do not It's okay to know that the developer doesn't allow sharing, so we accidentally updated this app on my site.
  • To request removal of such applications, we hope that the copyright management and developer units will send me direct mail without having to send to Cloudflare, Hosting, Domain.
  • We will always prioritize removal requests upon receipt and usually within 8 hours. We love our work and look forward to working together and we don't want Cloudflare, Hosting remind.
  • Help us do our job well and we will always prioritize handling requests. All requests for an application, uninstall the application, send mail directly to the following email:

    Send the infringement notice to [email protected]

  • Thank you and have a nice day.